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As you might guess from my logo, my main fanfic interest is Star Wars. I have stories spread across various fanfic sites but all of them will be gathered here. I have also written about Blakes 7, and those stories and articles have their own section here too. I am also a professional writer of westerns and have managed to combine my fanfic writing with the westerns by 'borrowing' favourite sci-fi characters, filing off the serial numbers, and putting them into the westerns. Information about these books is in the separate sections for Star Wars and Blakes 7. The westerns themselves have their own website at Gillian F Taylor.co.uk

Star Wars Fiction

"Anyone as good as you are in a snubfighter, but who gives up the flying life to run around in robes and swing an impractical energy sword, has committed treason to her natural aptitudes."
General Wedge Antilles to Jaina Solo

My Star Wars fanfic is centred on the pilots - principally Wedge Antilles and Rogue Squadron. Aside from the presence of pilots, almost anything goes: drabble, long stories, humour, angst, drama, adventure, slash and, of course, plenty of space combat. This is the Star Wars universe seen through the regular people, the non-Jedi who make up the vast majority of beings in the galaxy. Not that Wedge is exactly ordinary - ordinary doesn't fly in and out of the heart of a Death Star. But Wedge and his friends still have to deal with the same issues as the rest of us: love, family, trust and friendship.

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Blakes 7 Fiction

Vila: "Where are all the good guys?"
Blake: "You may be looking at them."
Avon: "What a depressing thought."

While Blakes 7 starts from a similar premise to Star Wars - a group of desparate rebels fighting a totalitarian empire - the overall result is a long way away. B7 was a notoriously underbudgeted TV series; it simply wasn't on the same scale and the effects, and frequently the sets and costumes, generally don't look that great today. Where it scored though, was in the quality of the writing and the acting. The show was character-driven, with characters that changed and grew - or sometimes buckled - as the overall story progressed through the seasons. It was rich in highly quotable dialogue, which with the characters, makes it fun to write. And as the visuals were less important than the words, it works well as written fiction.

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Why Corellia's Dream ?

I've been using Corellia's Dream as a username here and there for over five years now. My Star Wars fiction is listed on at least two other sites under that name, so it made sense to use it here. The actual name comes from a roleplaying game from way back. I played one of a group of adventurers, part of the Rebellion, who acquired themselves a YT-1300 Stock Light Freighter to use on their adventures. I have a feeling that we captured it from a group of pirates who'd ambushed us once before, and who made the mistake of trying the same thing again. My character was a female Corellian engineer (with a weakness for Corellian pilots and sparkly liqueurs) and she renamed the ship in honour of her homeworld. It wasn't the only ship we stole acquired. Just like the Wraiths (who came into existance a few years later), we seemed to be on our way to stealing one of everything the Empire had to offer.
Over time, the Dream was customized by the party. It was never as fast as the Millenium Falcon but it had better shields, a well-equipped sickbay and a gourmet-standard autochef, and was more reliable too. Oh, and it had a better drinks cabinet. We had a lot of fun in the Corellia's Dream.

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