Deliverance 98

To celebrate the 20th anniverary of Blakes 7, the official fan club, Horizon, held a convention in Stoke on Trent. Guests included almost every member of the main cast, plus important members of the production team, including producer, David Malone and writer, Chris Boucher. There was an outstanding display of original costumes and props, as well as plenty of events and panels for attendees to enjoy.

It was my first visit to a convention. It was lovely to hear the guests talking at panels, and to see the performances at the caberet. Here are a selection of the photos I took at the con.

The special guests gathered outside for a photoshoot.

After the group photos, convention-goers were allowed to join the group for photos. Jaqueline Pearce commented that I must be freezing, only wearing my aertex shirt. I was a bit chilly.

The wonderful Jacqueline Pearce on stage, no doubt delivering some scandalous story, with great glee.

Gareth Thomas, with his usual companion, a pint of beer. He and David Jackson were late for one panel, because they were stuck in the lift.

Stuart Fell, the stuntman, was a guest, and entertained us with a show. I was sitting in the front row, and got roped in to help demonstrate using a diabolo. I didn't do very well.

Of course there were a few Avon teddies present. This is a very fine example.

The exhibition had a marvellous display of props and costumes. These are two of Avon's, including the famous silver top.

I was surprised at how tiny Jenna's leather jacket seemed. The costumes were beautifully made

Avon's lovely silver anorak. It looked well made and warm. The dark piping seemed to be dark green corduroy - possibly black that had discoloured over the years. There is also Jenna's elegant blue dress, complete with necklace, and Servalan's gorgeous velvet dress with the cowl neckline.

Soolin's summer outfit - some of the beading was fraying.

There were a lot of the season four costumes present, including the jackets for the winter suits, which were rarely seen on screen.

There was a good selection of models on display too, including a rather grubby Orac. The London was in good shape though. A section of the teleport controls from the Liberator is visible at the back, right of the photo.

This is the Federation ship that Servalan travels in for the 4th season episode, Sand. Parts of it were motorized to operate by remote control, but this was never filmed, sadly.

This is Servalan's ship from the 4th season. It's a lovely model, seen in real life. The mini Orac from Gambit is visible on the right.