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Welcome to my Blakes 7 fan pages

This site is where I'm gathering together all of my unofficial Blakes 7 material. There are a few short stories, a couple of essays, information on my Blakes 7 inspired westerns and a gallery of images, photos and memorabilia.

I started watching Blakes 7 towards the end of the first season, and by the second season, I was hooked. It had great dialogue and importantly, I never really knew how things were going to work out for the heroes. Most series I watched, Star Trek, Dr Who, The Professionals, etc, you knew that things would be resolved at the end, and the heroes would win. It wasn't always a triumph, but essentially, they would win. As Blakes 7 continued to develop, there was no such certainty. Characters died or disappeared, their beautiful ship was destroyed, they fell into the enemy's traps and got changed and damaged along the way. Eventually, the fourth season reached its shocking, unforgettable climax. Those characters who had grown and developed were gone. Yes, the special effects had often been a bit ropy, but it was a BBC TV series, like Dr Who, and I knew they'd done the best they could with the budget available. The characters, stories and dialogue had stood out. Blakes 7 remained in the memory.

Through the years, I kept the memory of Blakes 7 with me. I kept my collection of Blakes 7 magazines and books; I ran a Blakes 7 scenario as part of the 25-hour roleplaying event one year and I was delighted when I found people who also loved the show. In time, I found Blakes 7 on the internet, was a member of the fan club, bought fanzines, wrote my own stories, attended conventions and saw various members of the cast performing on stage. I even took Blakes 7 as my specialized subject on a Mastermind semi-final appearance. Of course I was interested in other fandoms and hobbies too, but Blakes 7 has always remained as an abiding interest. I was pleased to learn about Big Finish getting the licence to produce offical new stories, and thrilled when they accepted a novella of mine for a Blakes 7 anthology. From fan to author - it's awesome !

Thanks again to Astronut for making the banner for me.