Wedge's First Love

Wedge would never forget the first time he saw her. For a long moment he just looked, breathtaken at her beauty. She was slender and graceful, poised, polished, and yet clearly capable of taking care of herself. When Wedge first took her out, he found those first impressions were correct. He was smitten, and it was the beginning of a love that would never leave him.

Together, Wedge felt they could achieve anything and indeed they were a superb team. She was much stronger than she seemed, and saw him faithfully through some of the most dangerous and challenging moments of his life. Sometimes they emerged a little bruised or dented, but Wedge trusted her utterly and remained faithful to his love. That trust enabled him to achieve things few other men in the galaxy could match. She changed a little through the years, but remained essentially the same as when he’d first found her.

She made a home for him. No matter where he went in the galaxy, he felt at home if she were there too, and was content. He knew every line of her, every sound she made. He knew how she worked, how she moved; what she would tolerate and what would cause her to crash and burn. She gave him a sense of freedom that he rarely otherwise felt. Sometimes, when alone together, he would get her to dance and spin for the sheer joy of it. He fretted if there was anything wrong with her, and was happy when she was given the all-clear. She was truly his partner.

Even when Wedge married and had children he couldn’t give her up. Iella was wise enough not to ask him. She had married a pilot, knowing what he was, and knowing better than to try to change him. Not that she wanted to. For it was with his first love that Wedge truly became himself. No one who ever saw him flying his X-wing could ever think anything else.

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